Fancy A Career In Engineering?

Do you want….

  • Nationally accredited industry qualifications
  • A route into higher education at university
  • Help to find a job within the industry
  • The best practical training
  • A chance to earn while you learn
  • A challenging and rewarding career

….You do? 

HETA is a leading training provider of Engineering Apprenticeships

We are currently welcoming applications for potential opportunities which are available at our Hull, Stallingborough & Scunthorpe sites. 

What you’ll study

All of our apprentices work on an Advanced Apprenticeship. They will spend their first year in the training centre completing NVQ Level 2 units & a level 3 Technical Certificate. Students with an employer/sponsor then spend Years 2 & 3 on-site within a company completing an NVQ Level 3.

Students may have the opportunity to enrol on to a HNC or other Higher Education course from Year 2 onwards.

Key Facts

  • All of our students come out with a Level 3 qualification or above
  • HETA trains for over 250 engineering companies in the Humber region
  • Last year HETA found 97% of their students employment within their first year
  • 49% of our apprentices start a higher education course in their second year and a further 19% started in year 3
  • Upon completion of their apprenticeship over 98% of our students go into full time employment
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